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About Us

Harper’s Fiesta Farms, located in beautiful North San Diego County, is home to one of the largest Bolivian herds in the U.S. Not that quantity is better than quality, but by having a larger number of quality llamas to choose from, we can better serve our clients and be able to offer a wider range of diverse bloodlines. We utilize 7 world-class Bolivian herdsires and produce 20 -30 outstanding crias a year.

We raise Bolivian llamas because of their charming dispositions, extraordinary beauty, wonderful fiber, manageable size, healthy and vigorous cria, genetic strength, rarity and last but not least, their marketability. The latter, very important since llamas are all we do! Having the opportunity to preserve Bolivia’s magnificent llama heritage has been, and still is, very exciting and rewarding! After all, this isn’t just a business, llamas are our passion and our lifestyle! We have produced a “sell out” cria crop each and every year!

Each female is carefully bred with a goal in mind. Our primary interest is to breed a gentle, beautiful, healthy and genetically sound llama that everyone can enjoy, whether you are new to llamas or a seasoned breeder looking to add new bloodlines to your breeding program. Just as important, we are totally dedicated to the ongoing care of the llamas that we have sold and furthering the education of our clients. In other words, once the llama leaves to his or her new home, we are still very much available to ensure a smooth transition for all involved. Private or group clinics may also be arranged for our current, new and prospective clients. Our after sale support is unsurpassed.

Our ranch is family owned and operated. We bring to the llama community a Lifetime of Practical, Knowledgeable and Successful, hands-on large animal experience.

Below is a list of some of the services we offer:

  • Consulting
  • Herd Evaluation and Management
  • Assistance in Attaining Animals with your Needs/Goals in Mind
  • Educational Clinics
  • Llama Supplies, Llama Feed Supplements and S & H Livestock Trailers
  • Breeding Services to World Class Males
  • Female Care (birthing and post-natal care), Progesterone Testing
  • High Risk Cria Care
  • Financial Terms on Llama Purchases
  • Transportation Arrangements (to or from anywhere)
  • Friendly and Knowledgeable After Sale Support
  • Instructional Advice with A Kind and Humane Approach to Llama Handling
  • Routine Health Care…Vaccinations, De-worming, Fighting Teeth, Toenails and Shearing
  • Llama Rescues and Rehabilitation

Please contact us anytime if you would like additional information on pedigrees, pricing, services offered or just want to talk Llamas! Thank-You!