Since our herd has reduced from 90 llamas to 13, I have taken off the sales page and just put notations on the individual llamas.  We do have one or two Free females left.  The "M.R.S. Female Llamas" are priced from $800 to $1,000.  Take advantage of the savings on these great females (some grey!) with top imported bloodlines and suri fiber.  Some of these females have show records! The others are priced from Free to $1,500.  PACKAGE DISCOUNTS!!  We also have a stunning grey full Bolivian herdsire available!  He loves to produce grey!



                        HFF  GENEVA   Not for Sale

d.o.b.  1-30-98

*Bolivian Echo   X   PPLP Katie

An absolute jewel and our reigning queen!  A homegrown Bolivian beauty.  She is one of the most beautiful females that we have ever seen.  Has her dad's unbelievable disposition, making her a treasure in our herd (or in our house if we'd let her!).   She will always be our greatest  accomplishment in breeding llamas!   Has a cute female cria below!


                      HFF  GENEVIVE          SOLD!


d.o.b. 2011

Absolutely darling Geneva daughter with stunning grey fiber!


d.o.b.  10-14-94

Misty Moons Centaur   X   *Norene

Our grand Katie.  Spiral fiber and an imposing presence.  Big female.  Wonderful disposition.  

Sadly Deceased   :(


                   WLK  SHALINA        SOLD!

d.o.b.  3-10-98

WO Zipizape   X   Caramela (*Mucho Gusto)

Fabulous female!  Has won her ALSA halter classes every time she was shown!  



                                                               M.R.S. GLAMOR GIRL           AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE!

d.o.b.  6-28-06

HCLA Bolivian Easy Money   X   M.R.S. Brown Sugar (by Bol. Snowman)

Nice silky female.   Has beeen shown.  Took 1st place, along with our Sugar and Spice for "Produce of Dam"!

Easy breeder, no issues with birthing or milking.  Very good mom!  We did see her being bred by Greymon about 3 weeks after she delivered this cria.

Has an absolutely gorgeous female at her side (born February 2014).  She has grey all over the bottom part of her legs and feet!




                       M.R.S. JETLYNN                 SOLD!

d.o.b.  6-9-07

M.R.S. Double Take   X   M.R.S. Vernalynn (by Easy Money)

Nice female!  She's very stretchy and has very fine grey suri fiber.  She took 2nd place (to our Sugar and Spice) in her first show!     

                     M.R.S. RAHMONA          SOLD!

d.o.b.  6-19-07

HCLA Bolivian Easy Money   X   M.R.S. Monalisa (by Soul Man)

Really pretty female with fine crimpy fiber and good bone.  FIBER GENETICS GALORE!



                                                                                   HFF  HONEY BUG                 *MAYBE* AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE!

12- 03

*Macho de las Montanas  X  FW Honey Bunny

An absolutely perfect "Monte" and " Buns" daughter!  I just love this one!    

She's also been a reliable producer!


               CHOCOLATE  MISTIQUE    SOLD!

d.o.b.  11-4-96

SMR Bolivian Cobreno (*Mucho Gusto)   X   *Silver Mist Tique ('87 import)

Beautiful female with a face to die for.  Gorgeous ears and great wool coverage.  Four beautiful offspring.





d.o.b.  12-19-97

LW Strawberry Field (*LW Kissam)   X   TLLR Juanda (*Maverick)

Our tank.  Big stout daughter of the outrageous spiral fibered appy, LW Strawberry Field (syndicated for $100,000).  Very sweet, just like her 400lb. mom.   



               JINGLE  BELLA      SOLD!

d.o.b.  12-24-97

LW Tzar (*LW Kissam)   X   TLLR Yolanda (*Maverick)

This was our '97 Christmas present from our gentle giant, Yolanda.  A grey, orange and cream appy with the prettiest face you've ever seen!  Tall and correct as can be.  Great mom.  




d.o.b.  6-11-90                  '96 Bolivian Import

A big, strapping female out of the '96 importation.   Residing at Llama Wood's Farm until their dispersal, she was and continues to be an outstanding producer.  A great female! 

Sadly deceased.  :) 


                   LPL  TALULAH           SOLD!

d.o.b.  5-23-97

*Cusco   X   *Tierra Roja

Beautiful reverse appaloosa.  Super mom, lots of milk.  Very uncommon '91 Bolivian bloodlines make her a valuable outcross.   Dam of the finest baby ever produced here, a stunning super-suri girl! 



                            BLLF HAUTE CHOCALAT          SOLD!

d.o.b.  12-31-01

Skansen's Fredrick   X   HFF Kissa Me Kate

A TOTAL KNOCKOUT!!  Slinky fiber with luster.   A Very Correct and Stylish "heads up" kinda girl.  Stretch to burn!  A fine example of our breeding program.  Her mom "Kate" is a spiral fibered Sunday's Star daughter.  





d.o.b.  3-16-02

*Macho de las Montanas   X   Strawberry Noel

She's everything that we had expected from her illustrious sire and her beautiful dam.  She is very correct and is very well balanced. 



                  HFF  TABITHA         SOLD!

d.o.b.  3-9-02

*Macho de las Montanas   X   LPL Talulah

Another lovely "Monte" daughter!   She is very correct and has great fiber.


                     HFF  MONTE  KRISTA            SOLD!

d.o.b  5-18-02

*Macho de las Montanas   X   Kristine of GM

Another "keeper"!  This one has fiber, flash, stretch and presence!  This photo doesn't show her face very well, but it is gorgeous.  Like the other Monte girls, she's today's showgirl!



               HFF  HUGGABUNNY        SOLD!

d.o.b.  7-1-02

*Macho de las Montanas   X   FW Honey Bunny

Wow!  We were blessed with Six beautiful Monte girls in a row!  This one will, no doubt, fill her illustrious dam's footsteps.  Silky fiber with full coverage all the way down and the cutest little face with tons of bangs.  She just couldn't  miss with her sire and dam's production history!  Hope to get a great photo of this pretty little girl soon.  And yes.....we hug her all of the time :-)



                  BOLIVIA'S  PATALANI      SOLD!

d.o.b. 11-27-99

*Bolivian Lucky 500  X  Blk Diamonde of Bolivia

An adorable female with very fine fiber and plenty of it!  She is very correct and has personality to boot!  Patti is an outcross to our current bloodlines and should be an outstanding producer for us!


                         HFF GENOVIA      Not for Sale

d.o.b. 07

HCLA Bolivian Khan   X   HFF Geneva

Nice dilute suri appaloosa female!  Has her sire's and dam's sweet disposition!


d.o.b. 8-16-07

HCLA Bolivian Khan   X   HFF Honey Bug

Sweetest female here!  And that's saying a lot, given our llamas are very sweet in dispositions!

Not only is she sweet, she's a little red headed appy cutie!

North/South Cross Females

Updated 3-23-14




                                                           M.R.S. SUGAR & SPICE            AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE!

d.o.b.  8-22-07

Tadashi Fuse   X   M.R.S. Brown Sugar (by Bol. Snowman


A total natural in the showring, this girl did an awesome job at her first show!

She placed 1st  Juv. suri female and then went on to take Reserve Champion. 

 Sugar and 1/2 sister  M.R.S. Glamor Girl  were 1st place, Produce of Dam.

She was also in the Get of Sire class that took 1st  place for  Tadashi Fuse!




                        HOT SILK             SOLD!

d.o.b.  8-23-02

Peruvian Silverado Sir   X   Salmon River Tanisha

Beautiful, Tall and Stretchy Suri female!  

Her EXOTIC '08 WHITE SUPER SURI son (in photo above) is available for purchase!  




                      HFF  LIMERICK     Not for Sale

d.o.b.  4-6-00      

LW Sunday's Star   X   HFF Kilarney Rose

Look at the stretch and suri fiber on this one!  Limerick is sweet and very correct.  This is Kevin's baby :-)




   HFF  SOLILOQUY        


HCLA Bolivian Khan  X  Limerick

Nicely built female with a quiet disposition and soft fiber. 


               HFF  SUNDAY'S STARLET     SOLD!

d.o.b. 9-23-00

LW Sunday's Star  X  Sycamore's Aspen

This stunning female just takes my breath!  She's big, colorful and has stretch to burn... just like her dad!   Did I mention how sweet she is?


                     HFF STARBRIGHT         SOLD!

d.o.b. in 2010     (but will look up exact date)

HCLA Bolivian Echo  x  Sunday's Starlet

Cute female with a whimsical way about her.  Has a sweet and curious disposition.  Loves people!


                           MAYA  and Male cria!                       SOLD!

d.o.b    Will have to look it up but I think she's about 5.

Cute female with a calm disposition.  Has been shown, and did well, I believe.

      Great bloodlines!                Male cria born on 8-24-12



d.o.b.  11-15-92

Bijan   X   Linda

Very sadly Deceased :-(


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